1967 Chevelle SS


In 1980 we sold Elaine's Nova and bought her this '67 Chevelle.  It had a 396/325 with a power glide transmission.  It had new black paint and perfect black interior.


We paid $2800.00 for this car...a huge amount of money for newlyweds like us!  This was Elaine's daily driver for a couple of years.


This photo, taken in the summer of 1981 at the 1st Annual Germantown Ice House Car Show, shows John Tudor's Corvette, Elaine's Chevelle and my Firebird and GTO.


Here's the Chevelle with the Centerlines off my GTO.  In the winter of '82-'83 we sold the Chevelle to a local in Germantown.  He wrecked it a couple of weeks later and the car was never the same.