Chapter 4

Since Mark has turned out to be the dimmest bulb in the chandelier, and I'm not any brighter, we've brought in a guest builder this week.


It's none other than Scott Sullivan, bike builder, hotrod builder, fabricator and graphics painter extraordinaire.  After years of fine detail work, Scott must now wear jeweler's glasses.  He showed up sporting his best 'tude hat.


Here's the roller we're working on this week.  It's finally starting to look like something.  Today we're adding the motor and transmission.  I've installed many motors in cars, so this shouldn't be any different.


OK Boys!  Here's where we run into our first problem.  How are we gonna drop the motor in place with that top bar there???


Mark is having a plan...


Mark had a great idea!  All we have to do is cut away the top bar.  We'll just weld it back in later.


Suddenly, Scott realized he would have to touch up the paint.  He stopped us just in time to prevent a catastrophe.


Scott came up with a better plan.  He says he saw his friend, Jesse James (name dropper) muscle a motor in.  Scott works out regularly, so he was sure he could do it too.


OK, Smart Guy!  Now that your arms are stuck, what would Jesse do?


Lightening does strike in the same place twice.  Mark has another excellent idea!


I was concerned when Mark went for the saw again, but fear turned to shock as I watched this scene unfold in front of me.  The view from here was almost too much to take!


Scott's arms are free at last.  He ended up with some cool finned scars to remind him.  Note that the bars went right back together, thanks to a little duct tape.  No need for touch up paint here.  Now all we need to do is slide the transmission into place.  This should be easy.


Oh nooo!  Here we go again!


After freeing Scott for the second time in one night, we're congratulating ourselves on a job well done...


...over here Scott.

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