Chapter 3


OK Boys!  The wiring is finished and I'm ready to move on to phase II, which includes mounting the front end and the rear swing arm and fender assembly.  Once again, this week I'm joined by my trusty (but not so bright) friend, Mark Ball.


Now that all the electrical is done, I'm dying to see something work, so I'm gonna use my battery charger to power this thing up.  They say you should never use a battery charger as a "power source", but what can go wrong?  It's only 12 volts!


For some reason, Mark has turned into a real safety nut.  He doesn't trust my electrical skills, so he donned his helmet and is sitting a safe distance away.


All I have to do is clip the ground here, and the positive here...



...insert 4-letter words here!!


Is it hot in here or is it just me?  I guess it's not a good idea to use a battery charger as a power source after all.  I need to take a break to clean up and comb my hair before tackling the front end.


Here's my Pro One 14" over front end.  We just need to put it in place, then I'll get some tools.


What the...I turn my back for one minute and look what happened.  My dad always said, just because it looks like it's big enough for your head, doesn't mean it is.  I guess Mark and his dad never had that talk.


Oh well, I needed to get the grease out anyway.


We can use these two boxes to support the swing arm while we set it in place.


DAMN!!  Look at the size of that spider hiding under the boxes!  I hate spiders!!


Nice catch, Pal!


OK Boys!  It took some doing, but we finally made it to this point.  It'll be a roller soon.

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