Custom Chopper Project Chapter 1


After selling the Classic Woody Harley in 2003, Elaine and I headed to Biketoberfest in Daytona hoping to buy another bike.  While there, we ended up ordering a soft tail frame with Tricky Air & Billet air ride and set up to run a 280 rear tire.  During the course of the following year a 300 series tire was introduced so I called the frame manufacturer and told them that's what I had to have.  As a result, this is the very first frame they built to accommodate a 300 rear tire and it was a full year in the making.  The frame is 6" up and 4" out with a 42 degree rake.  The front end is a Pro One unit that is 14" over with 7 degree triple trees.  All the sheet metal is by Fat Katz.


From this view you can't help but notice the 300 series rear tire!  It's mounted on an 18x10-1/2 Xtreme Machine wheel.  You can also see the Exile brake/chain drive set up.  The rear fender is mounted directly to the swing arm in order to keep the tight clearance at all times.

The motor is an 86" Ultra.  Thic pic shows the motor before it was disassembled to have the cases polished and the jugs and heads powder coated.  The carburator is a Weber downdraft set up.  The pipes were built in South Carolina by Reed Performance in 1995.  I ran these pipes on the Harley I had at the time.  The transmission is a right side drive 6-speed, fully polished. 




Here is the beautiful finished motor.  The first stop was Mike Stocker's shop, The Cycle Shack in Medway, Ohio.  Mike did excellent motor work on my previous bike, so there was no question as to where I would take this motor.  He started by disassembling and inspecting the entire motor.  I had him remove the bottom 3 fins from the cylinders.

I took the heads and cylinders to Asthetic Finishes in Piqua, Ohio for powder coating in Dormant Blue (candy purple).  In the mean time I took everything else to Barry Saunders in Laura, Ohio for polishing.  When the heads and cylinders were finished at the powder coaters, I took them to Barry also.

Once Barry was done with everything, I made another trip to The Cycle Shack to drop off all the shiny parts.  Mike discovered that the cylinders were .003" out of round due to the powder coating process.  So we decided to bore the cylinders .010" over and install a new set of Keith Black pistons.  Mike also installed a Leinwebber cam and a Dyna S ignition.  We topped it all off with a set of Xzotic pan head conversion rocker boxes.


Then I took everything to Scott Sullivan for paint and graphics.




The colors used are candy tangelo fading to sunset pearl into sunrise pearl.  The graphics consist of candy purple and cobalt blue with gold leaf inserts.

You'll notice that the colors fade from dark at the top to light at the bottom.  Most painters go front to back with color fades.  With all the individual parts involved it would seem impossible that the colors would match as the bike goes together.  Scott Sullivan pulled it off flawlessly!



Here is the finished tank.  The bike is now ready for final assembly.

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