1971 Volkswagen Beetle


I acquired this little bug through a trade with a good customer, Rob Mullens of Owensville, OH.  It had undergone many body modifications, including widening all the fenders, a 2" California chop; as well as a narrowed and relocated front beam and the addition of Mustang GT 17" wheels.  But it was still in severe need of some TLC and some detailing to bring out its true potential.


For all the body mods, the car was in bare metal.  It was then given an acid wash to create the "patina" (rust).  When I got the car, the hood had pinstriped flames.  I took it down to bare metal again and taped out the endless line design, then re-created the patina with a bleach and vinegar solution.  This new patina is still in the curing stage.


The door was logo'd before the acid wash so a ghost of it still remains.


To add a little bling, I painted the license plate light housing.  (Note the Mt. Dew exhaust)


I also painted the steering wheel candy green, layed the carpeting, added the '65 Corvair seats and Elaine upholstered the door panels in a retro paisley pattern.


What can I say?  I'm all about safety.


I have to say, this bug is a blast to cruise in.  We had it out a few times in 2008 and it won its first award for the "Coolest Ratrod" at the 8th Annual Asphalt Outlaws Showdown on August 17th, 2008.  I have never been into chasing after trophies, but this one was handmade by Dennis Nadolsky and is the coolest thing ever.


Now it's a piece of yard art.  It'll only get better with age.


During the spring of 2009 I added a full air ride system and '35 Ford wire wheels with motorcycle tires all the way around.


What you can't see in this picture is the train horn located inside the luggage on top.


You might notice the slightly large trailer ball in this picture.


The front wheels are stock 16" x 4" with 130/70/16 Metzler tires.


Wheel Works in Burlington, NJ widened the rear wheels to 8" to accommodate the 240/50/16 Metzler tires.  Also note the VW caps from a late model VW bus.



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