The Cats
Also known as "the boys" and other names we can't say here.


We still haven't quite figured how it happened.  The last thing we needed to do was bring two tiny kittens into a house with three large dogs.


It all started when our good friends, Doug and Debbie Jarnigan rescued two litters of kittens that were born in a barn on April 21st, 2005.  For some strange reason they called these two Kevin and Elaine.  In this picture Kevin has Elaine in a headlock.


I couldn't have a cat named Kevin Junior, so we renamed him Cheeto.  Elaine is the cream colored one and that name stuck.  Pretty soon it became evident that Elaine was a boy, but we still call him Lainie.


In case you're wondering how the kittens got along with the dogs, here is a picture of Lainie with Phoenix...


...and Cheeto napping with Tucson.


In fact, Tucson appointed himself their nanny.



 Before we knew it these two kittens had taken over the dog bed...


 ...and the rest of the house.



Here they are all grown up.