Custom Micro Chopper


This is what "gear heads" build at 2:30 in the morning before the cruising season begins.


This cool little chopper was conceived and built by Kyle Moody and Tracy Turner of Indy.  The total length is about 12".  The more you look the more you see, such as the fishing lure gas tank (gives it a fish scale custom paint look).  Yes...that is a Cox 049 motor!


The front wheel is comprised of washers.  I'm sure these guys have some loose keys in their pockets, because they used a keychain for their final drive.  Check out the "one off" drill bit downtube!


 And, of course, a real chopper has to have a springer front end.

 I'm guessing that the seat pan was cut from a metal Sucrets box.  The rear wheel is a chunk of aluminum wrapped with friction tape for tread.