Pro's Pick Lounge Chair


We had never seen a Pro's Pick Lounge Chair either, until we visited Mike and Jennifer Bloomer.  This is how it looked when Jen retrieved it from a trash pile.  Mike offered to buy her a brand new one at Menard's, but she obviously had a vision.


She could have easily gone for the ratrod look, but not Jen!


Don't think for a minute that she had anyone else do the restoration.  She did it all herself, as is evident by this picture.  I hope when she's tired of working for "The Man" that she will come to work for me.  I could use a good grinder operator.


Now this is what you call a "Pro's Pick Lounge Chair".  Notice the mid-century classic lines.  This is as cool as any 1950's hot rod.


Nothing you can buy now compares with this.