Mid-America Trucking Show

Louisville, Kentucky

On Thursday, March 31st, 2005 I made a trip to Louisville for the annual semi truck show at the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center.  Paul Davis, Mark Ball and I met Mike Bloomer in Louisville and we spent the day at the show.  I've always liked the big rigs.  The problem is, after seeing these, I want one for a daily driver.

I've thrown in a few pics from the 2004 show at the bottom.

Enjoy the photos.

event05semi1  event05semi2

event05semi3  event05semi4

event05semi5  event05semi6

event05semi7  event05semi8

event05semi9   event05semi10

event05semi11   event05semi12

event05semi13  event05semi14

event05semi15  event05semi16

event05semi17  event05semi18

event05semi19  event05semi20