2007 Nirve Switchblade Chopper


OK Boys!  Check out this bike.  It's a Nirve Switchblade that was originally a single speed bike.  I added a Shimano Nexus 4-speed with a coaster brake (so I can grab gears).


 We keep some of our bikes in a storage unit near the River Bikeway in Miamisburg, Ohio.



Now we can take a ride anytime we want.


You gotta love Ohio in April.  Elaine and I went off on our first bike ride of the year and the bike path was under water.  Oh well, there will be more riding as we head into summer.


Now this is more like it.  Finally...the open road.  We're heading in the opposite direction this time.  It'll be smooth sailing from here on...


...well, that was short lived.