1964 Chevelle


It was 1977 when I bought my first ever race car for...are you ready?...$1500.00 (no, I didn't miss a zero).   It had been a race car since it was brand new.   There were no street miles on the car.   The base color was pearl white, including the entire undercarriage; the side panels were candy blue on the driver's side, and candy red on the passenger side with authentic gold leaf lettering (Fortunate Son).


Under the hood was a destroked small block with a roller cam, tunnel ram and 2 660's.  It had a 4-speed with a Super Shifter, a 12 bolt rear with 538 gears, a Quartermaster spool and axles and Keystone wheels with 10-1/2" Racemaster slicks.  It ran 10:80's in the 1/4 mile.


I was just young and crazy enough to put my Dart license plates on the Chevelle and drive it on the street for special occasions.  One day I picked up Elaine from school in this car.  We got in the usual traffic jam behind the line of school busses and I got crazier...I hit the line lock and did a massive smokey burnout.  There just happened to be a '65 Mustang directly behind us with four of Elaine's girlfriends inside and I filled their car with smoke.  They bailed out of their car and I've never figured out if their eyes were watering from the tire smoke or because they were laughing so hard.  Eventually I traded the Chevelle for a '68 Camaro.