2000 Lincoln LS


This was Elaine's daily driver from November 2003 until September 2007.  Like most cars it comes with a story.  We first saw this Lincoln in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in September of 2003 when it was owned by Dave Marsh.  Dave had lowered it 1-1/2" with Eibach springs and had installed 18" Moda wheels on 245/45/18 Michelin tires.  Elaine was thinking of selling the van so she told Dave to let her know when he was ready to sell his Lincoln.


A couple of months later, Elaine had decided to sell the van and was looking at VW Passat station wagons (have I mentioned this thing Elaine has for wagons?).  Then we got a call from Dave Marsh.  He was ready to sell his Lincoln and wondered if we were interested.  We didn't have to think too long to decide to buy it.

But the story doesn't end there.  On March 29, 2004, Elaine was hit from behind when she slowed to turn into our driveway.  The collision caused $6500.00 in damage to the Lincoln.  A week later Elaine still had a stiff neck and at the urging of family and friends, she went to the doctor.  The doc noticed something funny about her left eye...the pupil didn't respond to light.  A CAT scan showed a golf ball sized mass in her brain that had nothing to do with the car accident.  An MRI gave the diagnosis of a tuberculum sellae meningioma (that's a big word for a brain tumor) growing right in the middle of her head.  After more tests, scans and consultations, we agreed that this was not something to have treated at any of our local hospitals.  We researched treatment methods and top neurological hospitals, then scheduled a consulation with Dr. Joung Lee, the chief skullbase neurosurgeon at the Cleveland Clinic.

Elaine had surgery performed by Dr. Lee on June 4th at the Cleveland Clinic's Brain Tumor Institute.  The tumor was attached to her optic nerves and wrapped around the internal carotid artery, but the surgery was a success...the tumor was benign and complete removed.  Other than a partially shaved head, a 9" incision scar, titanium plates and screws in her skull and regular MRI's to check for recurrence, everything is back to normal.  If it hadn't been for the car accident the tumor may not have been found it time.  Not many people can say that their life was saved by a car accident.