1989 Cadillac Allante


Although Elaine loved her Blazer, by 1993 all the soccer moms were starting to drive SUV's, so she had to let it go.  We found this '89 Allante at the local Lexus dealership and had to have it.  I lowered the car 2" all the way around and added 17" Pinnen Ferina wheels.  I had to change the bolt pattern on the car to accomodate these wheels.


I also added the rear spoiler.  Elaine drove this car daily until 1997 when she turned it over to me to drive.  We sold it to Scott Sullivan in 1999.  Scott still has the car today.  The Allante was known as a maintenance nightmare, but I believe that's an urban myth.  We never had any problems with this car.  It was fast and fun to drive and it still looks fabulous today.