1969 Plymouth Valiant


In 1992 a co-worker of mine asked if I would replace the brake lines on an old Valiant for him.  The story goes that he had maintained the car for an elderly lady who was the original owner.  When she could no longer drive the car sat in storage for several years; then she gave the car to him.  I replaced the brake lines and made the car road worthy, then I bought it for $75.00.

It turned out to be one of the most dependable (and one of the ugliest) cars we ever owned.  I lowered it and put a set of 235/70 tires on the rear and added a factory Dodge Demon scoop that happened to be hanging in my garage.  It had a slant 6 and an automatic trans.  There was no chance of anyone trying to steal it, so we kept the key under the floor mat.  Sometimes it would fall through the rust holes in the floor and we would find the key under the car.

I ended up selling it about a year later for $300.00.  I kept the scoop...it was worth more than the car.