1972 Chevy Pick Up


In 1987, I was in need of a cheap daily driver.  I bought this '72 Chevy pickup for $300.00.  It had a 350 3-speed and was rusted pretty bad.  I worked with what I had and installed dual exhaust, lowered it all the way around and added the Moon discs.


Being a hacker, I couldn't stop there.  Next I removed the inner wheel wells from the bed to make room for a set of 15x33 sprint car tires mounted on 15x14 steel wheels.  Then I bought a 671 super charger housing and mounted it on top of the factory air cleaner.  I built the drive set up for the front and used a real blower belt which ran off the crank shaft.  I installed a Pete Jackson noisy gear drive for the whine.  The throttle linkage for both carburators was operated by the linkage for the factory 2 bbl.  Most people didn't have a clue that the blower was fake.


As you can see from this photo this truck was hammered...no air ride or hydraulics here!  Also you can see the addition of a BDS blower scoop.  I got tired of being asked when the truck would be painted, so I added the personalized license plates "RUSTED".  That shut 'em up.  This was a rat rod before its time.


I had a hard bed cover on the truck because there was no bed floor or wheel tubs.  I found this "TONKA" sticker in a magazine ad.  In 1989 I sold the truck to Pat Crafton of the Rat Pack fame.