1996 Chevy Tahoe


Rick Dennis of Kokomo, Indiana is the owner of this '96 Tahoe with a Cadallic Escalade front end treatment.  Believe it or not, it is 2 wheel drive.


The 22" and 24" wheels are by Greed.  Rick decided that it was way too high for his taste, so he brought it to me.


It doesn't even look like the same vehicle.  I started off by adding drop spindles up front and a 4-link and frame notch in the rear.


And of course finished up by installing a full air ride system.  The rally wheels are just tempory, but they gave it a retro look.

Here it is with a set of 20" Intro wheels.  This is the look that I really like.


Here is the final look with the original 22" and 24" Greed wheels.  Rick installed new wheel tubs in the rear and when this picture was taken, the front tires were actually touching the inner wheel wells so they will be removed and re-worked as well.



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