1948 Chevy Pick Up


I was contacted by Bill Kline of Huber Heights, Ohio after he bought this truck for his wife, Dar for a daily driver.  The previous owner had installed a Mustang II front end, but the rear end was set up with the stock leaf springs which gave it a terribly stiff ride.  Bill wanted to know if I could install a set of S-10 rear leaf springs and drop the entire truck just a little bit more at the same time.


I was able to install the S-10 springs by fabricating my own mounts and then added a 3" lowering block in the rear.  For the front I installed a set of 2" spindles.  I also installed a full dual exhaust system and the cream rally wheels.  I don't always put pictures on the site of customers with their cars, but not all my customers look like Dar.